Monday, June 6, 2011

Where God guides...He will provide!

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been overjoyed with God's presence.  This has been a time when I KNOW that God has been right here with me and so many others!

I have watched and witnessed God move in some miraculous ways lately.  All my praise is for Him!  I have watched Him rescue a friend stranded on the side of the interstate with six kids.  He saved a family member from drowning.  He guided a friend home that was having car trouble and had her car repaired for $10.  The repair normally would have probably cost between $300-$500.  I am currently watching His will unfold for twin infant girls that are in need of a loving home and family. 

Yesterday at church, I was amazed at God's love and strength that He covers us with.  An older member that has been really sick with luekemia was at church with his family yesterday.  He stood and praised God for all the love and compassion that people had been displaying to him.  He praised God for the strength to be at church even though chemo has been really hard on him.  We witnessed a miracle in this man's life several years ago.  He was on his death bed but God revived him because He wasn't finished with him yet.  Since then, this man has been one that God has used in helping to raise up some godly men at our church.  He has been a wonderful mentor and testimony to many!  As I listened to him praising God during this time in his life, I thought about Jesus on the cross. Through all the pain and suffering, he remained on the cross.  Even when He didn't think He could handle anymore, he remained on the cross.  Even when Jesus might have been second guessing his situation, he remained on the cross.  Just as Jesus continued to suffer for the greater cause, I see my brother in Christ suffering through his pain and still acknowledging that God is in control and that God is Lord!

I currently have an aunt that has cancer.  She has been having a hard time with this disease lately.  The disease has been causing her a lot of pain and loss of appetite.  Doctors have her on medicine for pain and the side effects are taking a toll on her.  She is going through a lot of suffering right now but the good thing is that she really is in a Win-Win situation.  She may be the result of a miracle of healing or she may be greeted at the gates of heaven by Jesus and her family members that are already there!  What a glorious reunion that would be! This doesn't make it any easier for our flesh that desires for her to be here with us but it does give me comfort in knowing that she is a daughter of the King of Glory.  One day, either way, she will be without cancer and pain!  My prayer is still that God would take this disease from her but I accept and trust His will in her life. 

1 Kings 8:57 "May the LORD our God be with us as he was with our fathers; may he never leave us nor forsake us."

No matter where you are in life; No matter what situations you are going through right now;  No matter if you are on the mountain or in the valley; Trust in knowing that where God is guiding you....He will provide for you!  His provision doesn't always come in the way that we think it should, BUT He is always there with us!

Praising Him,


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