Monday, August 8, 2011

Call Upon His Name

Do you ever have those nights when you tuck the youngsters into bed and as soon as you leave their room they are calling out for 'mama'?  I have heard every question possible to stall bedtime from our youngest son, Camron.  Last night was a little different.  From his bedroom, I heard him call "Mama, please come here.  I need you."  When I replied back and asked what he needed, he responded with "I need to pray."  My oldest son was sitting in the living room with me and said that he would go and pray with Camron.  The love that Ryan has for his youngest brother is so pure and sweet!  It filled me with such joy to see 'big' brother stepping in to comfort baby brother in prayer.  Camron was having anxiety from bad thoughts that were filling his little mind.  As Camron led the prayer, he was asking God to protect his family, for no one to go back to the beach (shark week created this fear) and for no ants to get in our house.  I just love the innocence and faith that a child displays to God!  He was trusting God to take care of something as simple as keeping ants from coming into our home.  Most importantly, it fills me with such joy to see my seven year old calling upon the Lord in his time of need.  He was seeking his refuge in the Lord!  What a great way to end the night and an awesome way to begin his week! 
                (Ryan and Camron praying 8-7-11)

Calling Upon His Name,

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