Wednesday, July 28, 2010


We had our annual ladies retreat this past weekend and it was a blessing!  Over the last couple of days I have been reflecting back to things that took place and words that were shared by different ladies for the glory of the Lord.  Throughout the retreat, we put emphasis on sharing our life stories with others and how sharing what God has done in our lives impacts others.  On Saturday at the retreat, I shared my story.  A story of sin, misery, forgiveness, mercy and grace.  My prayer had been that God would use it to speak to some lady there that might be in need of hearing about the hope and forgiveness that God offers to all that surrender to Him.  To my surprise, God has used it to impact my life once again.  He used my story for me to reflect back on and to be reminded of how great He is!  It had been a while since I gave my testimony and God pricked my spirit immediately as I began to tell my life story to the women at the retreat. I found myself emotionally and humbly thanking Him for restoring my marriage and life. 

Yesterday I was approached by a young man from our church.  He was telling me that his wife had a wonderful time at the retreat.  As we talked, God spoke through him to remind me of something else.  He began to share with me that we don't always get to see the 'end' result of the seed that we plant for the Lord.  This young man was saying that you never know how, what or where God is going to use anything that was said or done at the retreat to further His kingdom.  I was very thankful to know that God had used the retreat to refresh my spirit and to just think about the unkown of His works for the other ladies was overwhelming. 

My encouragement for you today is that you would reflect back on your life.  Be reminded of where you were and where God has brought you.  Be diligent in living your life for the Lord. Don't take your relationship with Him for granted.  Be careful little eyes what you see...Be careful little ears what you hear...It's a slow fade when you give yourself away.  Remember:  People never crumble in a day, daddies never crumble in a day, and families never crumble in a day...It's a slow fade.  Keep your eyes on Jesus and don't be afraid to be set apart from this world to serve Him!

Blessings to you all...  
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