Monday, June 27, 2011

Billboard Conversations with God

As I drove out of my small hometown in Georgia headed to Hanceville, Alabama, I immediately began craving a Mocha Frappe from McDonald's.  The nearest McDonald's was about an hour away on my mapped out road trip.  I told myself I would surely stop then to get a Frappe to enjoy as I drove.  Well, Columbus, GA came and I kept driving because I didn't want to break the stride of my traveling.  About 2 hours into my road trip, God enticed me with a huge billboard on the side of the road that was featuring a Mocha Frappe at McDonald's.

You see, I now try to pay attention to billboard conversations from God because of a friend who didn't.  God spoke to her through billboard signs on one of her road trips and because of her deaf ears and eyes, she found herself stranded on the side of the interstate.  Now, God didn't leave her there.  He rescued her by putting people in her path at just the right time but not without pointing out her disobedience .  She didn't know if the transmission or motor was messing up in her vehicle or how she would get off the side of the interstate with six children.  It turns out that all that was wrong with her truck was that it had run out of gas.  God had shown her several billboard signs with cheaper gas prices and she even acknowledged them, but kept right on driving.  So through my sisters correction in billboard conversations from God, I am trying to pay closer attention to them.  We can learn so much from each other if we are willing to. 

Now, back to my McDonald's Mocha Frappe billboard sign.  It showed that my stop would be at exit 205.  I noticed that I was only at exit 200 and that would be about 5 more miles.  The closer I got to exit 205, the darker the sky became.  A severe thunderstorm was rolling in.  I made it to my exit and just as I walked through the McDonald's door, the tornado sirens started going off in this small, Alabama town.  Now, those of you who personally know me, you know that just the thought of a tornado and myself DON'T get along!  I made way to the ladies restroom and hung out in there until the sirens stopped.  All the while, I was having conversation with 2 other women who were waiting out the sirens in the restroom as well.  They were informing me of how God had planned it out for them to stop at that exit as well and how he had protected them from a tree limb that had blown across the interstate and hit the car in front of them.  Immediately, I thanked God for speaking to me through that billboard sign.  He knew I needed to get off the road, so he teased me with the sign for a Mocha Frappe.  The sirens stopped but it was still storming.  I went ahead and ate supper as I waited out the storm.  Once it passed, I went to get my Frappe for the road.  Did you catch the 'teased' part earlier?  Well, the Frappe machine was not working so I didn't get to get one.  I got in my car, got back on the interstate and the first thing I saw was another huge billboard.  This time the billboard read "Be Blessed!"  I started laughing and just praised God for his tactics in speaking to his children.  He knew that this stubborn girl would need that enticing sign with a mouth watering mocha frappe on it in order to get me to stop so that I could be in a safe building from the storm that was approaching.  Even though I didn't get what I intended to get when I stopped, He reminded me to 'be blessed' in the billboard sign when I left!  Now, let me enlighten you of the fact that I did stop at a McDonald's about 20 miles down the road and I enjoyed a sweet Mocha Frappe!  Yum...!!  I arrived at my destination safely and praised God for his guidance on my trip! 

Talking it up with God through billboards!

Tonya :)



  1. Wow!!!! This is amazing:) I love the way God speaks to his children. I have been waiting for this blog since you text last night.

    Love you and miss you already!

  2. Our God is TOTALLY amazing! I look forward to hearing the other ways He speaks as we intently listen!
    Love you and thank you so much for the reminder to be on the lookout for BILLBOARDS!


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