Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bible "iStudy" Group

Do you have a quiet time in the morning with just you and the Lord? I can honestly say that on the days that I rise earlier and start my day with Jesus before anything else, it makes for a more confident and stable day in my life. What about you? Can you tell a difference between starting your day with God and starting one without Him? Now, I know that there are days that we awake very tired and would rather get that extra 30 minutes of sleep instead of rising to read the word of life. I have these kinds of days just like anyone else and I desperately need a sister or someone to hold me accountable and encourage me in my moments of weakness. That is exactly why I started what we call an “iStudy” bible group. This study group doesn’t meet once a week at someone’s house or at the local coffee shop (where I live that would be the Chevron Gas Station), or at the church. We all have busy schedules and really didn’t have time to add another morning or evening meeting to our calendars and thought that an approach with the new technology would be more convenient. So, we meet via phone, text, email, facebook, blog, etc. We will share something that God spoke to us during our quiet time to encourage each other and it will serve as a great way of using different technologies to hold each other accountable in spending time with God daily.

Our group consists of five to six women. If this sounds like something that you think you would like to participate in, give it a thought and pray for God to lead you with whom to share in your group. I would encourage you to keep your study group small (3-7 people) so that you are not overloaded with trying to communicate 20 or so emails, phone calls, texts, etc. each day. Also, keep in mind that you probably will have someone to drop out of your group at some point in time. That’s ok. Your group will change from time to time. Just look at it as God moving and adjusting for His will!

Today, I am blogging about my quiet time in my effort of sharing with my ‘iStudy’ sister group as well as you, my blogger friend.

My quiet time this morning was in 1 John 1:2. "The life appeared; we have seen it and testify to it, and we proclaim to you the eternal life, which was with the Father and has appeared to us."

God came into this world as human. The disciples seen and testified of Him.  They still testify of Him today thru the living word of God.  The disciples were so blessed to have been able to physically walk and talk with Jesus! They witnessed firsthand Jesus' life and work on this earth. As I began meditating and praying over this scripture, I realized I was becoming somewhat jealous of the disciples.

At the time of John writing the book of 1 John, he was the last disciple living that had an eye witness account of Jesus. Although John had been exiled to the island of Patmos, he continued his letters of testimony and leading Christians.

John was considered the one whom Jesus loved. Can you imagine being the last person alive that had witnessed God walking the earth in human form or being known as the one whom God loved? Well, let’s give it a try. Fill in the blank with your name. _________ is the one whom Jesus loves. ________ is the one whom I wait for daily to spend time with.

When I felt that sense of jealousy creeping up inside of me this morning as I was praying, this is exactly what I heard God say to me. “Tonya, I consider you whom I love very much! Although you may not have witnessed with your eyes my life of walking the earth in human form, I am still there with you and you have witnessed my miracles and work many times. I wait for you daily to talk with me. I appear before you in ways that you often overlook, because at times you are so busy that you miss the sight of me. I am so delighted to call you my daughter and I am very thankful you spent time with me this morning. I love you, my child!”

My friend, we are a lot like John and the other disciples. We witness and hear from God daily. We are called to share our story about Jesus just like the disciples did! I pray that you slow down enough today to see Jesus and to look for ways to share Him with someone.




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  2. I have to agree with you! I have found that starting my day off with God makes for a much better day. It allows me to get grounded with him and to focus on him and what I read for the day. As to when I don't start my morning off with him, it's all negative thinking and letting Satan get a foothold into the day. I praise God and thank him for you and your encouragement. It is through your encouragement and the Bible "iStudy" Group that you started that has led me to read and study more of God's word!

    Love you!


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