Saturday, September 3, 2011

Faith over Feelings

Have you ever seen the movie, Facing the Giants?  There is a scene in this movie where a football player participates in an exercise called "The Death Crawl."  The player expresses his 'feelings' of not being able to complete the task, but his coach has more 'faith' in him and encourages him not to give up.  His original goal was doing the crawl for 30 yards, his coach believed he could do 50 yards, and he finishes in the end zone!  Watch the clip from the movie.       

Last night, my family watched this movie again for like the 100th time.  Every time I watch it, God speaks a new message to me!  Recently, I have allowed feelings of fear, uncertainty, opposition and discouragement from others to consume me.  I had began to allow these feelings to overcome my faith. 

In this scene of the movie, I became overwhelmed.  I began to picture the coach as God.  I began to hear the words from the coach as words from God.  I began hearing Jesus spur me on in a time where I didn't know how much more I could do.  I began to choose and receive faith over my feelings.

Whatever troubles you may have today;  Whatever opposition you may be facing;  Whatever lies satan may be whispering in your ear; How ever beaten down you may be feeling from the ways of the world; DON'T GIVE UP!  The Lord is our strength!  He is right there beside you, encouraging and coaching you for the entire race!    

Lord, I will give you my best!  I will be the leader you have called me to be!  When I hurt and find myself in the wilderness alone, I will not give up!  Who am I?  Lord, I am yours!    

Choosing Faith over Feelings,


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