Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cowgirl-Up for Christ!

Well, it is only Wednesday and this has already been a rough week but in the same breath a blessing! Through my troubles this week God has reminded me of a poem I wrote back in June 2009 for our ladies retreat.  I want to share it again because it has certainly renewed my spirit and I hope it will be of some encouragement to you. 

Cowgirl-Up for Christ

It is a spirit tried and true
Only Jesus can see you through
It is a decision to persevere and trust
Cowgirl-Up and follow the Lord
In this world we live is a must
It is being faithful in times of pain
Your labor in the Lord is never in vain
No doubt you will stumble and fall
Just get back up and keep walking tall
He is the way, the truth and the life
With Him, you can overcome any strife
Love the Lord with all your heart
In Christ name, Never be afraid to be set apart!

Until next time my dear friends....God Bless!!



  1. Amen, sister! It has been a trying week! I was just reflecting this morning as God is pulling things together, of how satan has tried to discourage each of us that are going on the trip today and much easier it would be to throw our hands up and say, forget it! It's far, it's a hassle, I'll just stay home....Oh, what great plans our Lord must have in store for us this weekend!!!!
    Love you!

  2. That is an awesome poem! God Bless you Mrs. Tonya! Have a safe and fun trip!!


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