Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Readers are Leaders!

My husband and I recently participated in a Financial Peace training by Dave Ramsey.  We learned so much from this course and man.  One thing that really jumped out at me during those 13 weeks was something he had quoted in our workbook during one of the lessons.  Simple but powerful "Readers are Leaders"! What I got from this quote was really nothing to do with money or finances...God used this quote to spark a different area in my life.  What kind of reader are you?  Do you read because you love to?  Do you read because you are forced to? Do you read because you feel obligated to read?  Or do you read because it is another item on your "To Do" list? Let me tell you I have never been one who just "loves" to read.  But what God has been showing me over the last couple of months is that reading is a GREAT benefit to me and others!  You see, no matter to what degree of a leader you are....you are a leader to someone! Pastors leading churches, husbands leading families, mothers leading children, teachers leading students, supervisors leading workers, coaches leading players, players leading other players, older brothers and sisters leading younger ones, friends leading friends, etc...you see we are all leading someone.   The greatest book any of us could ever read, study and seek wisdom or guidance from would be the Bible.  This book covers any possible area of life that you can think of! There is so much for you and me to gain from this book.  The more you know...the more you grow...the more you grow...the more you show!  Let me encourage you to dig in and read from this book but only do it in a way that you desire to learn and receive a word from God.  Don't do it because it is an item on your "to do" list or because your friends are reading it in sunday school, read and study it because you desire to be the child of God that He uses in advancing His kingdom...leading one person at a time!

The more you read....the more you receive...the more you receive...the better you lead!!


  1. Couldn't have said it better! Very good word, Tonya!
    Love you!

  2. Mark and I LOVE Dave Ramsey!


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