Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bless You!

Acts 3:26 "When God raised up his servant, Jesus, he sent him first to you people of Israel, to bless you by turning each of you back from your sinful ways."

     Bless:   1. To make holy by religious rite; sanctify.
                     2. To invoke divine favor upon.

Our 'nature' is sinful.  We all have struggles of some kind, and at times we may feel as though we cannot overcome the sin that is striving to take control of our lives but thankfully there is hope and a future for us!

This morning as I was reading my bible, this scripture literally jumped off the page at me and spoke to my spirit.  I know God sent his son to die for my (our) sins, but I have never looked at it from the point of view that He sent Jesus to bless me.  I don't know of anyone that doesn't like to blessed by others.  But why would I not see that God sent Jesus to bless me??

How does that make you feel to know that Jesus was sent to bless you; to make you holy; to sanctify you; to invoke divine favor upon you?  Oh, dear friend, He loves you so much that He stepped down from His throne to romance a world that has fallen apart.  How many Fathers do you know that have gave up their sons for you (me)?  Only ONE did that for me and you!  He did it to bless us!

I was reminded of a video that I had watched years ago not long after I had received salvation from the Lord.  This video is an awesome visual of what it may have been like for God to watch his son die for others.  Please watch and be blessed by hopefully understanding more about the love God has for you and His desire to bless you.

If you are receiving this by email, please click here to watch video.

I pray that mine and your heart may be touched and changed today as you see in a different light the action of being blessed by God. 

Thank you Lord for the many blessings you have poured out to me even though I don't deserve them.  I pray that I will consistently turn away from sin that you bring to my attention and that I would know that You are always there loving and blessing me.  Amen!

Praising our King of Kings!


  1. Amen, sister. I have not seen that video before. Very touching. Love you!

  2. Reflecting on the love God has for sinners never gets old, does it? Thank-you for the amazing reminder!

  3. Think you for shareing this it eas very touching and sad.....


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