Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cookies for Christ

Twas several nights before Christmas
And all through the house
Was the smell of cookies baking
And several ladies with flour on their blouse!

They baked cookies with the thought of others to share
As they acknowledged that Christ's birthday would soon be there.

The result of the kitchen...Oh, what a mess!!
The ladies just grinned and said..."God Bless!"

The cookies were delivered with smiles and love,
To portray the light that lives in each of them, from the One above!

To all of you ladies that allowed the Lord's light to shine through
Thank you for the memory of that night, and all that you do!

With much love,

p.s. - I can't wait until our next 'Apron' time with Jesus!  :) 


  1. That was SO much fun!!! :-) Thank you for opening your house up to us!

  2. That was one of the best nights ever! I had the best little teachers :) We should do that more often, even in our CHRISTmas aprons!


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