Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Confessions of a Jesus GIRL

Confession #1 - I may appear to have it all together, but I am still missing pieces of my puzzle!

Confession #2 - I may appear to have conquered a lot of sin in my life, but there is so much more sin to be dealt with.

Confession #3 -  I am FAR from the perfect wife!

Confession #4 - Confession #3 leads me to this...I am FAR from the perfect mother!

Confession #5 - I am not always correct. (Although, I wish I was) Lol!

Confession #6 - I strive to do the things that are right, but yet I still crave those McDonald's french fries.

Confession #7 - I may seem to be confident in who I am, but I struggle with many unbeknownst insecurities.

Confession #8 - You may think I know the bible, but truth is I will never know enough!

Confession #9 - You may think my marriage is perfect, but my marriage has its moments of struggle just like anyone else. 

Confession #10 - As much good as there is in my life, there is still plenty of bad to be corrected!

You may be asking yourself "Why is Tonya giving confession today?" To be honest, I am not real sure myself, but I believe God has a purpose for it. Sometimes we have to be humbled in order to become great! 

Humbled in spirit,

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  1. Amen sister! Love you and thank you for your transparency!


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