Thursday, October 14, 2010

God is leading, Is anyone following?

The living room has mounted deer heads hanging on the wall.  You can find a turkey beard laying on a dresser in a bedroom.  There is black bear decor throughout.  Gun cabinets are filled with rifles, shotguns, ammunition, deer calls and bow with arrows.  And there is plenty of camouflage in any given closet (including mine). The Barnes' home is surely a country man's mansion, but our home is not a huge, extravagant living place with fancy furniture or lavish accessories.  However, it is our home and it reflects the people and personalities that live here. We truly are a south Georgia blessed family!

I describe who we are only to tell you a story, a God-lesson.  My dad was out hunting with his black powder gun this past weekend.  He made a shot on a deer and called us to bring our deer tracking beagle, Lucy.  Lucy has been tracking deer for about 2 years now.   She has tracked and found several deer but she is still learning the process. We arrived at the hunting land and began working Lucy to track the deer.  Lucy tracks from one point to the next, all the while, searching for something to lead her. Her nose is her tool for tracking and following after what she is hunting.   She constantly searches  for some sort of scent from the deer.  Sometimes she even has to back track to find the trail again if she gets off course.  As we were tracking through the woods, I began to ponder the thoughts of how we Christians have to continuously seek (track) God's will, direction and purpose in our lives.

Oh, what lessons we Christians can learn from something such as a dog!  God gives us all different abilities with a lot of the same tools to use in tracking His will in our lives.  God leads us on different trails of life.  Don't be afraid to start tracking your path.  If you have gotten lost on your trail, be bold and back track until you get the scent of His leading again.  He will never leave you in the wilderness with no direction or without simple clues for you to seek after.  But you must be obedient enough to seek, listen and TRUST His direction of leading whether it makes sense to you or not. 

As we were tracking the deer, so many times Lucy would try to go in a direction that didn't seem right to us. We would pull her away and try to get her to go in the direction we thought was correct.  She was on the right path and we kept trying to pull her away from it.  When we are tracking our path in Christ, there will be times when people or things will try to detour us.  They may not understand our decisions or why we are doing the things that we are.  Be bold..take a stand for who you are in Christ.  Stay strong and determined on your path!  Keep seeking until you find or reach the divine answer. 

This blog may sound a little crazy to you if you are not an outdoors kind of person.  God speaks to people in so many different ways and He speaks to me constantly through His creation.  Some of my most favorite conversations with God have been when I was sitting in a deer stand observing the land, trees and wildlife (His majestic creation). Remember to take time in the busyness of life to hear the quiet voice of the Lord.  He is always talking to is just a matter of if we are listening!  He is always leading us on our is just a matter of if we are seeking and tracking Him to reach our destination!  How hard are you seeking and tracking God's will in your life?  Are you allowing fear to put detours in your path?  Have you ventured off onto your own trail of life?  Do you need to back track and get back on God's trail?  Start today by asking Him to show you the way and surrender to His leading no matter where it takes you. 

For the Lord knows the plans He has for you....
Continue to seek Him and you will know them too!

Keep tracking Christ!

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